Perfect sport

The Perfect sport one of the perfect sports would be baseball because you get to run and hit the ball  and there is a lot of pasitions you can play when you are not batting like first base and the other bases or you can be pitcher . Why I picked baseball was because when I was 3 or 4 I played baseball but my dad saw that  I did not like baseball always playing in the sand if i did miss years of baseball I could have been better . Two years ago I stared playing baseball again the first year I was not that good but we won the champion ship . The second year  I got a lot better I was the first person to hit and  I was the pitcher and I  even made homeruns and we won the championship twice in a row . That is why baseball is perfect .

The outsiders movie and book

There are many similarities between the movie and book The Outsiders . One way the movie and book are similar are is pony boy runs away with Johnny to the park. What happens in the park is that  socs show up at the park bob is drunk and tells that the greasers are nothing then pony boy gets mad and tells the socs are nothing then bob gets mad and pony boy and Johnny run away then bob drowns pony boy then  Johnny was on the floor he saw bob drowning pony boy so he took out he’s switch blade run up to bob and stab him in he back then bob falls to the floor with blood and the other two socs run away from Johnny when pony boy wakes up he sees bob on the floor with blood . In the movie and book the church that pony boy and Johnny stayed in burnt down .

Johnny cries and says he kill him pony boy and Johnny run to Dallas and Dallas gives pony boy money and gives Jonny a gun then Dallas tells Johnny and pony boy the next train will com go in the box cart and go to the church. When pony boy ca…

Baseball ⚾️

My favorite sport baseball I had played baseball since I was 4 my dad was my couch when I joined little league baseball he was also my couch and then one of my friends on my team hes dad is also couch next year I will be playing junior baseball I am nervous because there kids from high school that play so it is going to be harder so I am looking forward to next year for baseball.


My identity is an athlete . I identify myself a athlete because I play two different sports right now like baseball and soccer I won two championships in baseball in a row . In one week to two weeks I will have my first soccer game . I will be starting baseball again in April or a other mouth I do remember my favorite sport would be baseball I started playing baseball when I was 4 next year in 2018 I will play junior baseball with high schoolers it will be harder then last year when I played in little league I was one of the best players on my team . I am really looking forward to junior baseball games .

The kick ball game

The kick ball game was starting Anabel being the first  pitcher she rolled the ball to hoesay and then hoesay kicks the ball and runs fast to first base then it is my turn to know ck the ball anable rolled  the ball at me fast like a bullet and I kicked the ball far like a football player throwing the ball far so I run fast like flash to first base then it run to second base . Eddie turn to kick the ball anable rolles the ball and Eddie kicks it and hoesay runs to home and I run to l